Brian McLaughlin

Freelance Writer/Consultant

McLaughlin takes a stab at the 247Sports

Crystal Ball

  • Brian has previously been a Top 10 picker in the Crystal Ball. He's in the mix for 2017 too.

247Sports Crystal Ball rank - 2017

247Sports Crystal Ball rank - 2016

247Sports Crystal Ball rank - 2015

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I'm Brian McLaughlin. For nearly 20 years, I've written about sports - so in other words, I've never had a "real job". In the digital age, my primary focus has been on college football recruiting -- working for The Sporting News, Parade Magazine and the SEC-centric site Saturday Down South. There's still a part of me that enjoys covering high school football and getting to know the kids before they become huge superstars. I'm based in the talent hotbed of Florida. Email me any time at

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